Research and monitoring for and with raptors in Europe
May 2010 - May 2015

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EURAPMON is appointing National Coordinators to support its work on the inventory of monitoring for and with raptors in Europe. The inventory is of fundamental importance to EURAPMON as it underpins other programme activities on analysis of user needs, identification of priorities, sharing of best practice, capacity-building, and development of a European-level database.


Anita Gamauf
Museum of Natural History

Elchin Sultanov
Azerbaijan Ornithological Society

Valery Dombrovski
Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Glenn Vermeersch
Research Institute for Nature and Forest

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dražen Kotrošan
National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Svetoslav Spasov
Bulgarian Society for the protection of Birds / BirdLife Bulgaria

Vlatka Dumbović Mazal
State Institute for Nature Protection

Czech Republic
Václav Beran
Town museum Ústí nad Labem

Ülo Väli 
Estonian University of Life Sciences

Pertti Saurola
Finnish Museum of Natural History

Jean-Paul Urcun
LPO Aquitaine

Ubbo Mammen

Dimitrios Bakaloudis
Aristotle Univeristy of Thesssaloniki

Theodoros Kominos
Raptor Study Group of Greece

Andras Kovács
MME BirdLife Hungary

Allan Mee
Golden Eagle Trust

Arianna Aradis
Università degli Studi di Palermo

Janis Reihmanis
Latvian Ornithological Society

Gilles Biver
Lëtzebuerger Natur- a Vulleschutzliga (BirdLife Luxembourg)

Edward Bonavia
Birdlife Malta

Torgeir Nygård
Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

Janusz Sielicki
Society for Wild Animals Falcon

Luis Palma
CIBIO, Porto University, Portugal

Szilárd Daróczi
“Milvus Group” Association

Elvira Nikolenko
Siberian Environmental Center

Slovak Republic
Miroslav Dravecky
Raptor Protection of Slovakia (RPS)

Al Vrezec
National Institute of Biology

José Antonio Sánchez Zapata
University Miguel Hernández

Peter Hellström
Stockholm University, Department of Zoology

United Kingdom
Mark Wilson
BTO Scotland



EURAPMON issued in December 2011 a call for National Coordinators for the inventory of monitoring for raptors. A separate call was made for National Coordinators for the inventory of monitoring with raptors.

For which countries are National Coordinators required?

National Coordinators are required for all countries covering the geographical area of Europe, from Iceland and Ireland east as far as the Urals.

We have already appointed National Coordinators for the following countries (see the contact details below): Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK, Ukraine.

National Coordinators are still required for the following countries: Armenia, Cyprus, Denmark, Iceland, Kosovo, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey.

What is the role of National Coordinators?

National Coordinators are expected to assist the Work Package leader with completion of the inventory of monitoring for raptors in Europe. This will involve the following activities:

  • Preparing a preliminary overview of monitoring for raptors in your country, for publication in the proceedings of the EURAPMON workshop on inventory of existing raptor monitoring in Europe (9-10 February 2012, Murcia). Papers derived from this workshop providing an overview of monitoring in 25 European countries were published in a special issue of Acrocephalus (Issue 33) which are now available on EURAPMON webpage.
  • Raising awareness of the questionnaire among the community of researchers and others working on monitoring for raptors in your country.
  • Encouraging raptor research organizations and individual researchers in your country to respond to the questionnaire, through direct phone/email contact.
  • Where necessary, helping to fill any gaps in the response for your country.
  • Working with the EURAPMON Chair and the Inventory Work Package Leader to publish the results of the inventory.


How are National Coordinators selected?

To fulfil the role of National Coordinator, EURAPMON is seeking individuals who are well-known and respected for their raptor research and conservation work in their country and have the ability to promote EURAPMON among all relevant national raptor research and conservation organizations and individuals.

If you fit this profile and are interested in taking the role of National Coordinator for your country, please submit a brief expression of interest using the attached EOI form. Your EOI should be submitted as soon as possible and no later than 17th February 2012. EOIs will be reviewed by a subgroup of the EURAPMON Steering Committee and appointments advised as soon as possible after receipt of your EOI.

Further guidance will be provided to selected National Coordinators in relation to inputs required.

How do I benefit from being a National Coordinator?

As a National Coordinator, you will benefit in several ways from your valued contribution to EURAPMON:

  1. You will have a privileged status as a key contributor to EURAPMON, involving priority status for invitation to EURAPMON events, and future opportunities to engage in collaborative activities across the EURAPMON network.
  1. With your consent, your personal research profile will be displayed with other National Co-ordinators on the EURAPMON website.
  1. Your contribution to EURAPMON will be acknowledged in EURAPMON publications resulting from the inventory, and on the EURAPMON website.
  1. You will have the satisfaction of having contributed to the advancement of raptor monitoring in Europe.


Please note that the position of National Coordinator is voluntary. We regret that EURAPMON does not have resources to remunerate National Coordinators or other contributors to the programme.

How can I express interest to be a National Coordinator?

To express interest in being a National Coordinator for EURAPMON, kindly complete and return the EOI form to Irena Bertoncelj.



Thank you for your interest in EURAPMON!