Research and monitoring for and with raptors in Europe
May 2010 - May 2015

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EURAPMON is led by a Steering Committee, made up of representatives from the countries of the funding bodies (one per country). The Steering Committee meets annually and is responsible for strategic direction, annual work programming and annual budgeting. The Chair is elected by the Steering Committee and is assisted by an External Coordinator. A number of non-voting advisory experts attend the Steering Committee meetings. Support is provided by an ESF Science Officer and ESF Liaison Officer.


EURAPMON appointed National Coordinators to support its work on the inventory of monitoring for and with raptors in Europe. The inventory is of fundamental importance to EURAPMON as it underpins other programme activities on analysis of user needs, identification of priorities, sharing of best practice, capacity-building, and development of a European-level database.


Message from the outgoing Chair


Dear EURAPMON participants


 As of 10 December 2012, EURAPMON has a new Chair, Al Vrezec, and a new External Coordinator, Irena Bertoncelj.

 We would like to thank the EURAPMON Steering Committee and participants for their support and engagement in EURAPMON during our tenure. From its inception, the network has grown impressively (for example, there are now National Coordinators for 29 countries covering well over 90% of Europe), convened memorable workshops, and is now bearing fruit in the form of productive collaborations for raptor research and monitoring.

 We are confident that, under the new Chair, EURAPMON will continue to grow from strength to strength. We will remain closely involved as experts advising the EURAPMON Steering Committee. We wish Al and Irena every success in their new roles.


Guy Duke (outgoing Chair) and Paola Movalli (outgoing Coordinator)


Steering Committee


Please note that there were important changes in the SC at the end of 2012, not all of which have been indicated here. If in doubt, please contact the External Coordinator.



Dr. Al Vrezec      

National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia



Dr. Alessandro Andreotti      

High Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA), Ozzano dell’Emilia (BO), Italy

Mr. Gilles Biver       

BirdLife Luxembourg, Centrale Ornithologique Lëtzebuerger Natur- a Vullesschutzliga a.s.b.l, Kockelscheuer, Luxembourg

Dr. Szilárd Daróczi      

Milvus Group - Association for Bird and Nature Protection, Tirgu Mures, Romania

Prof. Antonio J. García-Fernández       

University of Murcia, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Toxicology, Murcia, Spain

Dr. Bjorn Helander      

Swedish Museum of Natural History, Department of Contaminant Research, Stockholm, Sweden

Dr. Dorte Herzke       

Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), Dept of Env. Pollutants, Tromsø, Norway

Mr. András Kovács       

Independent Expert representing MME/BirdLife Hungary, Budapest, Hungary

Dr. Luís Palma        

CIBIO – Centro de Investigação em Biodiversidade e Recursos Genéticos, Olhão, Portugal

Prof. Pertti Saurola        

University of Helsinki, Finnish Museum of Natural History, Helsinki, Finland

Prof. Richard Shore      

UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Ecological Risk Section, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster, United Kingdom

Mr. Janusz Sielicki        

“Falcon” Society for Protection of Wild Animals, Wloclawek, Poland

Dr. Christian Sonne         

University of Aarhus, National Environmental Research Institute (NERI), Dept of Arctic Environment (DAE), Roskilde, Denmark

Dr. ÜloVäli      

Estonian University of Life Sciences, Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Tartu, Estonia

Dr. Bert Van Hattum        

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Institute for Environmental Studies, Dept. Chemistry & Biology, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Advisory Experts

Dr. Ian Burfield     

BirdLife International, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Mr. Guy Duke      

Independent Consultant, Brussels, Belgium

Mr. Ubbo Mammen      

Monitoring Greifvögel und Eulen Europas (MEROS), Halle/Saale, Germany

            Dr. Paola Movalli        

Independent Researcher, Brussels, Belgium


Dr. Nico Van Den Brink

Alterra - Animal Ecology, Wageningen, Netherlands

            Dr. Chris Wernham        

BTO Scotland, University of Stirling, School of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Stirling, United Kingdom


ESF Science Officer

Dr. Paola Campus, Science Officer     


ESF Liaison Officer

Ms. Marie-Laure Schneider, Senior Administrator     


External Coordinator

Dr. Irena Bertoncelj       

National Institute of Biology, Večna pot 111, Ljubljana


Steering Committee – restricted workspace


Steering Committee members and advisory experts can access meeting papers here.