Research and monitoring for and with raptors in Europe
May 2010 - May 2015

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DATABASE (Work Package 7)

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Work Package 7 (Establishing a web-based database) contributes to deliver EURAPMON objective 4:
“to build a web-based database, populated with interoperable data on European raptor population trends and (contaminant and other) pressures on raptors in Europe, and to produce European- and EU- scale analytical outputs which meet priority needs of users.”
The expected outcome from WP7 is EURAPMON Outcome 7:
An operational web-based database producing analytical outputs for users:

  • An online database of: a) monitoring programmes and activities, b) analysed raptor population/trend data (not raw data) and c) contaminant (and other pressure) data in Europe, linked to national and participant databases.
  • European- and EU-scale analytical outputs (e.g. on species status and trends, current and emerging contaminant hazards, indicators) to meet user needs (e.g. statutory reports under Birds Directive, chemicals assessments for REACH, assessment of effectiveness of EU biodiversity policy).

Delivery of this work package will entail the design and programming of a web-based database, identifying data sources, collating available metadata, addressing data interoperability, setting access protocols and minimum reporting standards, and developing European- and EU-scale analytical products meeting priority user needs.
Further information on the database will appear on this page in due course.