Research and monitoring for and with raptors in Europe
May 2010 - May 2015

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Inaugural Workshop, Sicily, October 2010 (Science Meeting 1)

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The EURAPMON Inaugural Workshop was held at the Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro, Scopello, Sicily, Italy, 7-9 October 2010.

Inaugural Workshop Participants, Riserva dello Zingaro

The objectives of this Inaugural Workshop were to build understanding and awareness of EURAPMON and engage participants in EURAPMON programme planning. The purpose was to build ownership of the programme, and to bring to bear on the programme the body of scientific and technical knowledge and experience of the 50+ participants.

The Opening Session of the workshop provided a historical review of the development of the programme, and an overview of the programme rationale, aim, objectives, expected outputs and benefits, activities and early challenges.

Six Working Sessions addressed scientific and technical considerations in relation to six of the eight work packages (WP) of EURAPMON, namely: WP2 Comprehensive inventory of existing monitoring activities; WP3 Identification of user needs; WP4 Prioritisation; WP5 Setting best practice; WP6 Capacity-building; and WP7 Establishing a web-based database, reporting and analysis.

The Closing Session pulled together conclusions from the working sessions and recommended next steps for each WP, a press conference and poster session.

The workshop was very successful in meeting its objectives. The shared interests, warm local hospitality and beautiful natural setting of the Riserva dello Zingaro helped generate an energy and enthusiasm which bodes well for the programme. The 50+ participants gained a common understanding of EURAPMON, and were actively engaged in break-out and plenary discussions through the working sessions. These discussions elaborated a wide range of scientific and technical considerations, and recommended next steps in relation to each WP. The workshop report captures theses discussions and recommendations. Ownership of the programme should consequently be considerably broadened and deepened. The scientific and technical knowledge of the participants will be brought to bear directly on the programme, as the findings of the workshop will inform Steering Committee deliberations on work planning and resource allocation.